How to choose the right university?

Choosing the right university is central to your studies. But in addition to the choice between college and university also many other factors play a role.

FH or Uni?

That’s the most important question. The choice between college and university is central to many aspiring students. Universities are usually characterized by a very scientific focus and focus not only on teaching but also heavily on research. In addition, classical programs from the natural, human and social sciences are often to be found at universities, which you will often only find in technical colleges in certain modifications. At the university you can, for example, study business administration or psychology. At universities of applied sciences you will often find courses with names such as tourism, marketing management or business psychology. These courses cover many areas of the traditional study content of your original subjects, focusing on specific sectors or parts of the subject and connecting directly to the practice.

This is also the biggest feature of a university of applied sciences. Because these works are more practical and less theoretical and scientific than the classical universities. A common myth is the belief that colleges are less fortunate in teaching quality or less open to the future. In most cases, this statement is not true, because whether Uni or FH, better and worse there are everywhere. So you should pay more attention to which form of higher education suits you better and with which system you learn better.

So at the university a high level of self-commitment is required Because at universities there is usually no obligation to attend and you are related to your learning success completely on yourself. Universities of Applied Sciences, on the other hand, are more likely to be short-schooled and offer a learning atmosphere in smaller study groups which, as students, specifies what you should do when and how to complete your studies successfully.

Private or State?

In many cases, the question of studying at a private university does not arise at all, because these usually come at a cost of several hundred euros a month, which can quickly blow up the budget.

But a private university can be a good alternative in many cases. For example, if you want to study for a dual degree or if you have chosen a degree program that is offered only at a few state universities, a private university often makes more sense than you might think. Because if with the choice of a private university, an excursion and change of location is not necessary for the time being, you can sometimes pay the tuition fees, since you no longer have to pay for a flat and your own life in another city. Many private universities also offer very specific courses of study and are also characterized by very good connections to the economy, which makes it easier for you to start your career.

The advantages of state universities are obvious. Thus, only one semester contribution accrues to state universities, which usually moves between 90 and 300 euros and still includes the semester ticket. Tuition fees in EU countries have not been due in any federal state since 2014, so you only have to bear very low costs for your studies. In addition, some courses are offered only at state universities. For example, you can not study medicine or law (Jura) with the completion of the state exam at any private university, as these can not be awarded the status of a university and therefore can not pass any courses with the degree of state examination.

The city plays a big role

Of course, in addition to the nature of the university quite different factors play a role, after all, you will spend the majority of your time in the next few years at the university or at your place of study. Therefore, you should think about what kind of place you want to live.

There are universities everywhere and as soon as you have chosen a degree course, many options come into question. You should first decide how far you want to be from your previous home. Studying is the beginning of a new phase in your life, and moving to a distant city can begin a whole new life. However, you should know if you are confident in moving to a new location, perhaps a few hours away from your friends and family.

In addition to the distance of the city, the size of the city also plays a role. In addition to the German cities, which usually have at least one university, there are also the classic student cities. Small towns, whose population consists mostly of students, also have a certain charm.

What else is important?

Size of the college

One topic that many aspiring students like to underestimate is the size of the college, because that makes a lot for your university life. At the large universities, often referred to as mass universities, as they occupy entire districts in, for example, Cologne or Hamburg, you will find a less personal student life. With 20,000 or more students and full lecture halls with several hundred people, there is definitely a different climate than in a small, tranquil town that is inhabited almost exclusively by students.

The right degree program

In addition to all the questions that you should ask yourself only in relation to the university itself, it is equally important that you also choose your university according to the degree program that suits you best. If you have several colleges to choose from, but only one of them offers the degree program that suits you 100%, you should decide afterwards. After all, the content of your studies is much more crucial than the size of the city or the university model, whichever you choose.

Visit free course

You should also pay a visit to any of the colleges that are suitable for you and visit the campus to get a feel for the atmosphere and to see if you feel comfortable there. Many aspiring students feel overwhelmed by the size of some colleges and then decide to go to a smaller college. If you want, you can also take classes to find out if, for example, the teaching method of the university is for you.


In most universities you can see plans on the internet, which event takes place and where in most cases you just sit in the lecture hall. This will give you a quick sense of learning at a university and see if this is for you.

Choosing the right university is a difficult decision, as it sets the course for your future. But do not put too much pressure on the choice, because studying should be fun! The most important thing in choosing a university is to find out under what circumstances you can best learn and then choose the right university system and degree program. In order for you to feel comfortable at your new place of study, you should definitely look around there before you decide!

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